Political Rant

Win or lose, the Russian hacking & collusion with Trump, would have been discovered & exposed sooner or later. Too bad it had to be after the election because I don’t think most of the white-bread, Middle American people that supported Trump would have continued that support knowing his involvement with the Russian government.

When Trump both won more Electoral College votes & yet lost the Popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, I knew something smelled fishy but I had no idea the smell came all the way from the Sea of Moscow.  But this should be really no surprise, seeing how buddy-buddy Trump & Putin have oddly been all along.

Now, we in America and I am sure all around the world ask, how does the American government wish to proceed? Do you install a man who is clearly at the very least an ignorant puppet of the Russian government and at worst a willing participant in their schemes or do you take action to stop such a calamity from happening?

And if you play along and allow this collusion of conspiracy to continue, to what end? How far do you let this play out? Until the damage is irreparable? Until financial collapse? Until war? Until what end?

And if Pence is made to replace Trump, after any action taken to remove him, what then? Will he be any better? What was his part in all this? Is he just as responsible? Should he also be taken to task about this Russian debacle?

To quote Boondock Saints, “Now, we must all fear evil men. But, there is another kind of evil which we must fear most … and that is the indifference of good men!” So, I ask, you good men & women of America & of the world, will you stand & be indifferent to the evil men trying to take control in America & Russia? Or will you stand up against that evil, come what may?

Now is the time to ask such tough questions of ourselves because if we do not, there may come a time, maybe sooner than we think, when we have no choice but to take up arms & fight because we are being forced to by these elected officials. Or we are made to make worse choices yet about loss of freedoms, loss of finances & loss of fundamental rights. And if that day comes, it will be too late to ask the hard questions we need to be asking now.

Perhaps you disagree with me. Perhaps you have hope. You hope that somehow, Trump will better this country & the world. You hope that he will indeed bring back jobs to America, and not just jobs building WMD. You hope that somehow a relationship with Putin’s Russia will be a good thing & lead to safety & strength & summer rains…

I’d love to have such an optimistic viewpoint but let’s face it. The world isn’t all hugs & puppies & rainbows, no matter how many golden showers you have. (Had to go there!) There are alot of corrupt, cold-hearted, money-grubbing people in the world & many of them also seek positions of power to help bolster their nefarious goals in life. And to deny either Putin or Trump are such people is to truly live within a fantasy world.

So, let’s not kid ourselves. These guys aren’t playing a sweet, fun, friendly game where we all win! No, they are playing a scheming, undermining, scandalous game where the only winners are the ones with the most power & money at the end.

Starting to wonder if Putin & Trump watched too many episodes of Game of Thrones… Guess nobody told them about LARPing… Great fun guys. You should both give it a try!

But in all seriousness, dark days could be ahead unless drastic legal measures are taken by those in charge of the checks & balances of this country to bring all those involved to trial & possibly immediate incarceration, if these allegations of wilful collusion to undermine this Democratic Republic of America & affect the election with the Russian government through Putin & his people with Trump, Pence & their people is discovered to have any truth at all.

It sickens me to my core that such acts could be gotten away with, if this is handled inappropriately. It makes me fear for the direction this country is actually going, despite the flip-flopping Trump PR. Make no mistake, the man who has to live in a home of gold, doesn’t give a shit about all of us among the poor in America. Trump couldn’t give a rats ass about you. But he does want your support and admiration. Seems to need it, crave it & feed on it. And he cries like a baby losing his paci when the mob turns on him.

That is not the sign of a mentally stable, healthy man. It’s the sign of a seriously deranged man who can’t see reason, can’t understand normal behavior or normal people & can’t even understand the difference between lies & truth. That’s the man the Electoral College voted in, perhaps with Russian help. You really want him anywhere near the American War Machine as the Commander in Chief? With his finger on “The Button?”

Wow. I seriously do not want that. Pence either. He’s crazy too. But he’s less vocal about it, which makes him slightly scarier somehow. Sometimes I wonder if while Trump’s blowing his horn over here, Pence is doing something skeevy over in the corner while no one is watching… That’s the kind of men these guys feel like. A couple school-yard bullies with minds full of school-yard bully thoughts gathering their school-yard bully gang together, to cause all sorts of mayhem & ruckus.

But their doing it on a National & Global scale. And the school-yard is everyone’s backyard because the things they do will ultimately effect us all, in ways big & small, which we can not even comprehend yet.

Unless they are stopped before they can start.

That’s my only hope…


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